Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks to Make This Summer

When people think of Mexican cuisine, they generally think of margaritas. People might even think of mojitos and sangrias, even though they are not technically Mexican drinks. All of these alcoholic drinks are delicious, but sometimes on a hot summer day, you just want a cold refreshing drink that does not contain alcohol. Margaritas, mojitos, and sangrias are not the only delicious drinks, and in fact if you want to skip the alcohol, here are some non-alcoholic recipes for you. Check out these non-alcoholic Mexican drinks to make this summer that will refresh your taste buds and help you cool off.


This is a truly authentic Mexican drink that you need to try. Many Latin American countries copy this recipe with different ingredients. But, it is Mexican tradition to make this refreshing drink with rice, water, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. This recipe from All Recipes is a definite must try even if you don’t think you are going to like it. Many people don’t think it is the drink for them, and then after they try it, they can’t get enough. Check out the simple recipe below for this refreshing, non-alcoholic, Mexican drink.

Aqua Fresca

“Aqua fresca” is a Spanish phrase that literally translates to mean fresh water. If that doesn’t scream “simple”, then what does? This non-alcoholic Mexican drink has all the qualities that you would desire in a drink: refreshing, simple, and delicious. Plus, this recipe is great because you can use any fruit that you desire. It can even be a seasonal drink, where in the summer you use only fresh summer fruits. This recipe from Mexican Food is a must-try, using fresh fruit, sugar, and lime or lemon juice to flavor your water should be a go-to when you are craving a sweet drink on a hot summer day.

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Piña Colada

Piña coladas are a common summer drink that people crave. Although this drink was founded in Puerto Rico, it is a great frozen drink that has made it’s way into many Mexican restaurants. Making this drink non-alcoholic opens up so many doors. Now it is not only an adult drink, but you can make this recipe for your kids and their friends. This recipe from only requires 3 ingredients and one step to make this delicious creation. You need to try this recipe if you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink to please family, friends, and your kids this summer. (Note: This recipe only makes 1 serving!)

Virgin Sangria

Ah, the traditional Spanish sangria, but without alcohol. So this isn’t a authentic Mexican drink, but you can usually order sangrias from your favorite Mexican restaurant. If you are not the type to consume alcohol, then this is a refreshing drink that you will love. This recipe from a sweet pea chef, does require more ingredients then the previous recipes, but if you are feeling daring, then it is a must-try. Refrigerating this drink for at least 3 hours allows the ingredients to blend together, which makes it even more delicious. Remember that people say the longer you let it sit, the more delicious it will be! .


Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or something frozen, these drinks will fulfill your desires. Try one or all of these recipes and you definitely won’t regret it. Don’t forget that we can make many of our alcoholic drinks without alcohol at Mexicali Fresh Mex Grill located in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Visit us for a refreshing non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) drink this summer!

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