Diablo 3: How to find & defeat Izual

Diablo isn’t the one massive unhealthy demon to seek out in Diablo 3, there’s additionally Izual. Right here’s the place to seek out Izual and the right way to defeat him.

Izual is considered one of Diablo 3’s sub-bosses and like his grasp Diablo, places up one hell of a struggle if you confront him. However earlier than you possibly can defeat Izual, you’ll want to seek out him. Right here’s Izual’s location in Diablo 3, and the right way to defeat him as soon as the struggle begins.

Just like the Butcher, the Skeleton King, and Diablo himself, Izual is a returning distinctive enemy in Diablo 3. The character additionally appeared as a sub-boss in Diablo 2 in the course of the recreation’s fourth act. Izual is a fallen angel, corrupted by Diablo’s affect and compelled to serve him in Hell. By the point the participant finds Izual although, he’s had some upgrades since his D2 look.



  • The place to seek out Izual in Diablo 3
  • Find out how to defeat Izual in Diablo 3
  • Different suggestions for defeating Izual

The place to seek out Izual in Diablo 3

Izual’s location in Diablo Three is the Crystal Arch throughout Act 4 of the sport’s marketing campaign. You'll arrive right here after a formidable cut-scene by which Diablo invades Heaven and units his minions to slaughtering the angels.

This space is the guts of the Excessive Heavens so you have to to struggle by means of a good portion of the map earlier than discovering Izual himself. Then, work your approach by means of the Silver Spire location of Heaven till you attain the Crystal Arch.

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We’d then advocate a fast go to to city to arrange for a grueling battle with Izual and his troops. Gamers can be clever to device up and heal earlier than this struggle begins.


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The participant and Tyrael battle Izual.

Find out how to defeat Izual in Diablo 3

The battle with Izual will solely start as soon as the participant enters the blue crystal-framed circle. A quick cut-scene will introduce the character earlier than the struggle begins correctly, providing you with a couple of transient moments to strategize.

Izual is cumbersome, however he strikes deceptively rapidly and spams Frost Nova as he does, so anti-cold buffs will come in useful. He’s changed his sword from D2 with an enormous mace, and can periodically summon minions to assist him towards you.

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Other than the usual Oppressors and Tongue Lashers which have invaded Heaven with Diablo, Izual will even summon Corrupted Angels to assist him in fight. These are solely harmful if the participant is surrounded, however most would do nicely to handle the minions rapidly, then focus all efforts on Izual himself.


Izual solely makes use of three different strikes after Frost Nova, so his patterns are simple to be taught and put together for. Nevertheless, his Frozen Storm skill is especially lethal to characters susceptible to chilly harm. He’ll principally use his normal slash assault and a slower however extra highly effective model of this. Izual is proof against most types of harm however has the best resistance to chilly, due to this fact, interact him with something aside from this factor.

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Izual’s chilly harm is lethal.

Different suggestions for defeating Izual

Gamers could make the battle with Izual simpler by bringing a follower. The Templar, Kormac, is very helpful as his therapeutic buffs assist hold your social gathering alive. Kormac can even maintain his personal towards Izual up shut. Different followers might fall rapidly in the event that they attempt to go toe-to-toe with the massive brute.


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Think about equipping the Ice Climbers set and Talisman of Aranoch to make defeating Izual simpler. This gear gives quantity of safety towards his chilly assaults.

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