Vegetarian Dish

Vegetarian lentil dish 300 kcal

vegetarian lentil dish 300 kcal

This low calorie lentil soup is chock full of vegetables, leafy greens, protein rich lentils, and tons of spices. It’s a warm, comforting, heart healthy bowl of goodness. It’s the time of year to enjoy a hearty bowl of red lentil soup! You know that time of the year when winter isn’t quite ready to Vegetarian lentil dish 300 kcal

Yummy vegetarian paleo dish

Yummy Vegetarian Paleo Dish 20 1

Whether or not you’re an avid Veganuary follower, you’re probably aware of the news stories saying that we should all be eating less meat. Now, a lot of people might think that Paleo is an anti-vegetarian diet. All the focus on lean proteins can give that impression.But it’s not true! You can be Paleo and Yummy vegetarian paleo dish

Vegetarian dish like cornish hen

Vegetarian Dish Like Cornish Hen 3 1

Cornish hens are perfect for those who crave chicken but don’t have a big family to share it with. This chicken variety from Cornwall, England is slightly smaller and has a milder flavor. What’s great about it though is that since it’s smaller, it can easily absorb flavor. That’s why I always give it a Vegetarian dish like cornish hen

Gluten free vegetarian party dish

Gluten Free Vegetarian Party Dish 20 1

Looking for vegan party food recipes? Whether you’re preparing for a birthday party, Christmas or New Year’s, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 50 recipes, which are all vegan as well as gluten-free and refined sugar free. They’re all made using simple plant-based ingredients and are relatively healthy too! I’ve put together a selection Gluten free vegetarian party dish

Best vegetarian green bean dish

Best Vegetarian Green Bean Dish 1

These top 17 vegan green bean recipes might change the way you think about vegan food and vegan cuisine. In fact, I believe that once you’ve discovered these tasty 17 vegan green bean recipes, you’ll go nuts for them. This collection of vegan green bean recipes is ideal for those looking for healthy meals, salads, Best vegetarian green bean dish

Zai chinese vegetarian dish

zai chinese vegetarian dish

Today I want to share with you our secret family recipe of our family, the Buddha’s delight (a.k.a Lo Han Jai, Loh Han Cai, Loh Han Chai, 罗汉斋). My mother in law follows this recipe to cook during every Chinese New Year for the past six decades. She is now in her eighties, and this Zai chinese vegetarian dish

Crockpot potluck main dish vegetarian

crockpot potluck main dish vegetarian

Make these healthy Vegan Crockpot Recipes while you’re not even in the kitchen! Dump them in the morning and delicious meals will be waiting for you hours later to gobble them right up. Hustle-free, healthy eating for the win. Vegan Crockpot Recipes 1. Slow Cooker White Bean Soup Photo: Budget Bytes Let’s all raise a Crockpot potluck main dish vegetarian