Black Desert Online Horse Taming and Breeding Guide

A information to taming and breeding horses in Black Desert On-line.


Taming Preparation

Getting Began

Horse Taming a enjoyable exercise in Black Desert On-line that not solely can help you get extra horses to your commerce wagons but in addition can help you breed horses collectively into greater tiers. To get began in horse taming you will have to fulfill the next necessities

1. Be Stage 20

2. Coaching Newbie Stage 5 (Press P and look beneath Occupation)

In case you are not but Newbie Stage 5, simply journey the donkey you get from Velia round till you get to stage 5. You must be Newbie Stage 5 to make use of the rope.

3. Have about 20-30ok silver.

The rope it is advisable buy prices 1500 silver every. This isn’t a lot but when it's your first time you could fail a couple of instances so having say one thing like 10 ropes (15ok silver) could be begin. You additionally want some silver to purchase the Uncooked Sugar and Mineral Water to make Lump of Sugar.

4. Be prepared to journey far

Relying on the time of the day, there is likely to be loads of different gamers making an attempt to tame the identical horses. As soon as tamed, the wild horse(s) will disappear and take 2 hour to respawn. You might need a greater shot going to the excessive stage zones which requires a little bit of touring.

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar are all it is advisable begin horse taming.

Capturing Rope

You should purchase this from any Secure Keeper in cities and cities like Olivia, Velia and Heidel. To search out the Secure Keeper, press the NPC button close to your minimap and choose Secure. This can direct you to the closest Secure Keeper. Click on on the store icon when interacting with the Secure Keeper (not all staple keepers have the store operate however the ones in cities/cities do).

You need to buy about 10 Capturing Ropes when beginning off. This could price you 15ok silver. You solely want 1 Capturing Rope per taming try however having 10 provides you with a pleasant buffer zone for screwing up and so on.

Lump of Uncooked Sugar

Lump of Uncooked Sugar is one thing it's a must to make your self. It reduces the probability of the roped horse resisting your advance to mount it. To make Lump of Uncooked Sugar, it is advisable buy 1 Minerial Water and 10 Uncooked Sugar (not Sugar) per Lump of Uncooked Sugar. This prices about 2030 silver per Lump of Uncooked Sugar. You purchase them from the cooking NPC in a city/metropolis which you could find once more by utilizing the NPC button and choose cooking.

After you have bought them, press L to open the Processing Window and click on on Heating then choose the Mineral Water and Uncooked Sugar. You can't cut up stacks right here however don’t fear it received’t eat the extras.

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You most likely need to make 10 Lumps of Uncooked Sugar to go together with the 10 Capturing Ropes. This provides you with 10 makes an attempt at taming.

Discovering Wild Horses

Now that you're armed with Capturing Rope and Lump of Uncooked Sugar, it's time to discover some wild horses to tame. Listed here are some areas the place you could find the Wild Horses. In every location anyplace from 1-Four horses can spawn they usually have a respawn time of two hrs after they've been tamed.

1. West/North of Heidel

These areas are extremely contested and you might be unlikely to seek out a lot horses.

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2. South of Olvia

For those who can’t discover any close to Heidel and don’t have the means to journey to some far areas then you definitely would possibly have the ability to discover one on the mountains south of Olivia.

3. South of Glish

4. East of Trent Up the Mountains

5. Southeast of Calpheon, in between Marni Cave Path and Marni Farm Ruins

6. South of Epheria Port

Horse Taming

Armed with a capturing rope and Lump of Uncooked Sugar (I'd put them on hotbars for ease of use), you encounter your first wild horse. What do you do?

Wild Horse Tiers

I imagine the wild horses are solely Tier 1-Three proper now in NA/EU so typically you could get fortunate and get a Tier Three however to advance additional you will have to enter horse breeding. Use this chart to see which coloration of the horse responds to which tier to know the tier of the wild horse you might be approaching. Typically it isn’t value it to get a Tier 1 horse for instance.


Video Demonstration

This video will display the approach described under and can help you see some elements of taming that can't be described sufficiently with phrases.


The Taming Processing

The First Minigame

Once you encounter the wild horse, you need to be pretty shut and equip your Capturing Rope (placing it on the hotbar by dragging it from the stock and inserting it in your hotbar is really helpful). Be certain the horse isn’t working away from you after which intention your rope on the horse and press the left mouse button. If carried out correctly you'll get a minigame the place it is advisable press spacebar when the the gray thingie is contained in the purple portion. That is an train in timing/ping and should take you a couple of makes an attempt to get it proper. You solely get one strive of the minigame per rope.

  • Be certain the horse isn’t transferring round or working away from you as in any other case the horse can get out of vary as quickly because the rope latch on to it and also you fail instantly.

The Second Minigame

Subsequent half is essential. Don't press spacebar immediately. That is the most important motive why so many individuals fail taming their first time. You need to begin strolling in the direction of the horse and look ahead to its animation. Once you see the horse increase its entrance hooves and solely when it increase its hooves, you press the spacebar and begin the second minigame.

  • I wasted so many capturing ropes by urgent spacebar immediately after which the taming would instantly fail.

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Once you press the spacebar, the second minigame begins and also you need to spam the spacebar in order that the indicator keep on the proper facet of the bar. You must keep this for 10 seconds which could be very straightforward as you might be spamming the spacebar and urgent no different buttons (ensure you will not be holding down W).

Relying your distance from it, you could want to do that second mingame once more if the horse increase its entrance hooves once more.

Mounting/Feeding Lump of Uncooked Sugar

The final half is principally get shut sufficient to the horse after which use the Lump of Uncooked Sugar. I couldn’t use it immediately from my stock and needed to hotbar it with the intention to use it. If all goes effectively, you may click on R to mount the horse. This final half may also fail in two methods.

  • For those who strategy and mount the he horse too rapidly (i.e. you have been near the horse whenever you lassoed it with the rope), taming can fail since you acquired on the horse too rapidly.
  • Taming can merely simply fail and the horse simply kick you off. Lump of Uncooked Sugar cut back the prospect of this taking place.


When you profitable tamed the wild horse, carry it to the closest steady (use the NPC search for operate). When speaking to the Secure keeper, you'll get the choice to Register the Wild Horse. Sadly you received’t know the gender of the captured horse till it's registered.

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In case you are working low on steady areas. ensure you buy a Horse Ranch at one of many city/cities. The rise in house wil solely have an effect on the steady on the metropolis by which it was bought. Elsewhere will nonetheless have the three slots by default.

Storing Horses in Stables

For those who retailer your horse in a selected steady, you could retrieve it from the identical steady. There isn't any magic transportation gadget that carry your horse from one steady to a different. In case you are uncertain which steady has your horse, simply examine in any steady and it'll let you know the place it's saved.


In case you are working out of areas within the steady or sad along with your captured horse you may promote it at stables on the town/cities. Typically Tier 1 Males received’t promote effectively however Tier 1 Females and better can promote fairly quick. The explanation for that is that every one the pre-order Tier 5 horses are women and men are much less frequent and may solely breed as soon as (twice for males).

Horse Gear

For those who increase your amenity excessive sufficient with the steady keepers in cities/cities you should buy primary horse gear for 10k-30ok silver. The Heidel one (Izaro close to the docks) for instance requires 100/300 Amenity which is fairly straightforward to boost with the suitable matters.

If you'd like higher ones you will have to craft them by way of Horse Gear Workshop which I'll cowl in a later information.

  • Saddle will increase Turning velocity/HP/stamina
  • Stirrups can help you battle on horseback and will increase braking
  • Horseshoe will increase motion velocity
  • Champron will increase acceleration
  • Barding will increase DP

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Breeding Horses

Breeding Horses can help you get greater Tier horses. There's a distinction between tier and stage. You'll be able to stage a horse to a most of 30 ranges by working round however you can not modified the tier of the horse. The tier is decided at start/seize so to talk. If you'd like a better tier horse, breed two decrease tier horses which have excessive ranges.

Breeding Guidelines

Females can solely breed as soon as however males can breed twice usually (would possibly have the ability to reset this with a pearlshop merchandise). This is likely one of the the reason why feminine horses are a lot extra in demand. You'll be able to bypass breed the horses yet one more time previous their restrict by way of Alternate, which kill each the dad and mom.

Along with the tier of the dad and mom, the extent of the dad and mom when they're bred can have an effect on the tier of the offspring. For instance in case you bred two stage 10 Tier 2 horses, you'll at all times get a Tier Three horse. Breeding Stage 30 Tier Four horses provides you with an opportunity for Tier 7 horse. For those who breed two Tier 1 horses, there's a probability to get again Tier 1 offspring if the dad and mom are low stage.

There's a simulator for horse breeding you may mess around:

Self-Breeding Setup

You must ensure that the next is setup for breeding.

  1. Have a feminine and male horse
  2. Each horses have to be on the similar steady
  3. You could have an additional room within the steady for the foal
  4. Each horses are full on stamina. It's possible you'll want to make use of the get better choice within the Secure or feed them carrots.

Then it is advisable click on in your male horse within the steady and choose Register at Breeding. This can register them for the Breeding Market which then your feminine horse can apply for mating. This will create points the place different gamers can snipe your male horse to mate with their feminine horse. Fortuitously there's a solution to record it for less than your self however then it is advisable pay 35ok silver.

Breeding takes about 2.5 hrs to finish.

Breeding with One other Participant

For those who don’t have a male horse, you may merely use the Breeding Market to breed your feminine horse with another person’s male horse that's listed. Simply click on the apply button to start out breeding.

Alternate Horse

For those who run out of breeding makes an attempt in your horse, you may breed them one final time by way of the alternate button. This can kill each dad and mom and produce a brand new horse instantly with out wait. You solely need to this whenever you run out of breeding makes an attempt in your horse. It would price 35ok silver to do the alternate.

Tiers and Look

Completely different tier horses have completely different appearances. This isn’t a whole record of all tiers however provide you with an thought of what to anticipate. Reader Ayalet additionally compiled a chart of all of the tier horses and their appearances for reference.

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